Member for Kiama Gareth Ward will use Parliament this week to move a Notice of Motion calling on the NSW Labor Government to remove the Toolijooa Passing Loop project from its secretive infrastructure audit and commit to getting on with the project. 

Mr Ward will also call on NSW Labor to release its secret list of infrastructure projects that the government is considering chopping as part of its secret review. 


“This passing loop project can double the capacity of the South Coast Line and enhance the number of seats and services. Chris Minns, Liza Butler and Labor are now trying to dump this project through yet another secret ‘review’. I won’t let them get away with it,” Mr Ward said. 


“Whilst I hear a lot of ‘talk’ from the Premier about increasing housing supply, I don’t hear anything from him about the infrastructure needed to shoulder growth. We must have both. 


“Labor talked a big game in Opposition. Now in government, all we seem to see is cuts, reviews and indecision. It’s not good enough. 


“I found out about the secret passing looping project review only by asking a Question on Notice to the Minister. What other vital infrastructure projects are also under review? Why won’t Labor release its secret list? 


“Is the Nowra bypass subject to this review? The Milton-Ulladulla Bypass? The upgrades to Bomaderry and Vincentia High Schools? 


“And why hasn’t the government just been honest and released a list of projects that are part of their review? Why aren’t they being upfront and transparent? 


“This Labor Government is repeating the mistakes of the last government with more broken promises, cuts to infrastructure and a focus on Sydney and not regional NSW. 


Mr Ward’s Notice of Motion in Parliament is: 


    1. Calls on the NSW Government not to cut the Toolijooa Passenger Rail Passing Loop project as part of its secret infrastructure review; 
    2. Calls on the NSW Government and the Member for South Coast to remove the Toolijooa Passing Looing project from Labor’s secretive infrastructure review; 
    3. Calls on the NSW Government to release the list of infrastructure projects subject to its secret review; and 
    4. Acknowledges the objective of the NSW Government to increase housing supply but notes that this cannot be done without the infrastructure needed to shoulder growth in the regions. 



MEDIA: Kiama Electorate Office (02) 4232 1082