Questions on Notice

Questions on Notice are questions asked by Members of Parliament of Government Ministers in writing and the answers are also given in writing. They are tabled in the New South Wales Parliament but are not the subject of any Parliamentary debate in themselves.

Each member of the Legislative Assembly may ask nine Questions on Notice each Parliamentary Sitting Week, and Government Ministers must submit their responses to these questions within 35 working days, and these responses will be published in the questions and answers paper which is available on the NSW Parliament website.

Questions on Notice are an opportunity for all Members of Parliament to ask questions of the Government about issues relating to policy and to our local community. As all Government Ministers are required to respond to these questions in a formal manner, it guarantees formal responses to questions from the Government which I will publish underneath each question when I receive them.

To read all of the questions that I as your local State Member for Kiama have asked of the NSW Government so far in 2024 - please refer to my full list of Questions on Notice below:




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