Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today said that he will continue to lobby the NSW Government to see major improvements at the Bombo Water Resource Recovery Facility.

Mr Ward said that the ‘Assessment and management of odour from stationary sources in NSW’ clearly outlines the odour assessment criteria and the State Government is the sole responsible authority.

With the NSW Government due to hand down its budget on 19th September, Mr Ward said he hoped to see an allocation towards this project.

“I have received numerous concerns from local residents in relation to the odours emanating from the Bombo plant,” Mr Ward said.

“The response from the government has been to put covers over vents whilst ignoring concerns around the management of the sludge lagoon that many suggest is outdated wastewater technology.

“I am pleased that the Minister has confirmed in response to my Question on Notice 735 - BOMBO WATER RESOURCE FACILITY (nsw.gov.au) that this Bombo Water Resource Facility is indeed the sole responsibility of the State Government. And that’s why our community needs the NSW Government to act on that responsibility.

“What I am calling for now, given the State Government’s growth targets for Kiama, is for the Minister and the NSW Government to invest into a major upgrade of the facility to improve technology, reduce odours and enhance capacity.

“I am pleased that the Minister has agreed to meet with me and local residents.

“I will continue to apply pressure to the NSW Government on this important tissue and I sincerely hope the Minister and the Government acts accordingly,” Mr Ward concluded.