Member for Kiama Gareth Ward will use next week’s sitting of State Parliament to press the NSW Labor Government on why the old Nowra Bridge is still closed off to the public.

Mr Ward visited the site at the weekend which is still surrounded by fences more than 12 months after the new bridge was opened for use. 

“This Labor Government is so hopeless at delivering anything, they can’t even reopen a bridge that’s been in operation since 1881,” Mr Ward said.

“We all know Labor doesn’t build infrastructure. Seems they can’t reopen it either.

“My concern is that Labor hasn’t reopened the old Nowra bridge because they want to get rid of it.

“Labor have never committed to keeping the old Nowra bridge. Next week in State Parliament, I’ll be asking the NSW Labor Government to commit to keeping it and I’ll be asking them to open it to the public.

“The old Nowra bridge is iconic. The feedback I’ve received from our local community is overwhelming. People want the bridge kept and people want it reopened for pedestrian and cyclists.

“This government can’t seem to get anything right. From cuts to the South Coast Rail Line, cuts to local schools, cuts to the Regional Seniors Travel Card, cuts to the Active Kids and Creative Kids rebate, is it any wonder that people in our community are fed up with this Sydney-centric Labor Government and don’t trust them to get anything right,” Mr Ward concluded.