11 Jan 2023 infrastructure Housing

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has today slammed NSW Labor for attempting to announce a housing ‘plan’ with no land and no detail.

“NSW Labor was asked one simple but important question today. Where will these homes be built?

“The Shadow Minister said ‘land isn’t an issue’ but couldn’t identify a single site where it would build new homes. Labor also refused to say how many homes they would build.

“After questioning from journalists, NSW Labor also said they won’t look to start building for two years!

“So we have a plan, with no land, no numbers, no date and no real substance.

“NSW Labor are trying to con vulnerable people into thinking they have a meaningful plan; they don’t.

“I’ll offer Labor some free advice; if you’re going to build homes, you need land. Unlike their policies, people can’t live in clouds.

“In office, Labor flogged off social and affordable housing to pay for maintenance and saw a reduction in the number of social housing homes across NSW.

“As Minister for social housing clients, I oversaw the $1 Billion Social and Affordable Housing Fund which expanded social housing opportunities and provided a safe place to live for people who needed it. I also secured an increase in the budget for maintenance for social housing and established the Together Home Program that helped halve street sleeping across our State.

“Labor came to our community today and tried to pass off a housing policy that simply has no detail. Today’s announcement just lacks substance,” Mr Ward concluded.