Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has slammed yet another Mean Minns Labor Government cut with the news that the Active Kids Rebate Program will be slashed.

Mr Ward said thousands of families in the Kiama electorate will lose the voucher designed to help with the cost of kids playing sport and participating in recreational activities.

“Mean Minns and Labor talked a lot about cost-of-living pressures before the election. But now in Government, they are smashing families after the election,” Mr Ward said. 

“Across our State 750,000 kids will now miss out on the voucher. This won’t just be a hit on families, but it will be damaging to local sporting clubs who rely on it to entice more kids to get active.

“This news could not have come at a worse time with interest rates rising and reports that more people are taking up second jobs just to make ends meet.

“For many local families, this mean Mean Minns cut will mean their kids will no longer be able to participate in local sport.

"Since the start of the Active Kids program, 92,789 vouchers have been created in the Kiama Electorate. 10,901 vouchers so far in 2023 alone. (Data source: Active Kids, Office of Sport, 15th June 2023).

“Today’s announcement does not give me confidence that the NSW Labor Government will save the $250 Regional Seniors Travel card or the Student Travel card. That’s why I encourage seniors, families and small businesses in Kiama to sign my petition to keep Mean Minns from hurting other vulnerable people,” Mr Ward said.

Please click here to sign Mr Ward’s online community petition.

A paper copy of this petition is also available inside Mr Gareth Ward’s Kiama Electorate Office for signing and distribution.