Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has officially launched a new community petition to fight to save the Regional Seniors Travel Card with a group of local residents and local seniors outside Kiama Train Station.

“With many of our local seniors already feeling the cost-of-living pinch, axing this travel card would represent a major blow at a time when our seniors need this assistance the most,” Mr Ward said. 

“The $250 prepaid card can be used for pre-booked rail travel, coaches, taxis and even fuel for a private vehicle.

“Axing this card would also impact adversely on local seniors who travel on public transport for cancer care treatment, various medical appointments, to visit their families, children, grandchildren and other important needs.

“After lobbying the previous government, this card is now available to those on a disability support or carers pension (if you are of aged pension age), as well as those on an aged pension, service pension or a war widow pension.

“Axing this program would be a heartless and cruel blow for our local seniors.

Please sign my community petition here to help save the Regional Seniors Travel Card program.

A paper copy of this petition is also available inside my Kiama Electorate Office for signing and community distribution.