Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has criticised the NSW Minns Labor Government for slashing democratic oversight by reducing the number of Parliamentary siting days.

Mr Ward’s criticisms come after the Labor Government sneakily released the sitting schedule late on the Parliamentary website late last week.

“The Government has given notice that the Parliament will sit for up to 48 days in 2024. In effect, the number of sitting days will be 45 as the last parliamentary sitting week of the year is considered a reserve week for late legislation and is rarely used,” Mr Ward said.

“This is proof that Chris Minns and NSW Labor were more interested in winning an election than reforming and governing our state. The Minns Labor Government has turned the Parliament into a chapter of Toastmasters with its light-on legislative agenda.

“It also demonstrates this government is bone-idle and lazy.

“Fewer Parliamentary sitting days means a reduced opportunity to ask questions and use the Parliamentary process to oversight government decisions and hold the government to account for its actions.

“As Opposition Leader, Chris Minns and Labor said they would increase transparency and accountability around decision-making. But like much of his agenda, that was just all talk.

“This is a disappointing outcome for anybody who values and cherishes our democratic institutions and the duty of all Member of Parliament to represent their communities and executive government oversight,” Mr Ward concluded.