Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has called on the NSW Government to fast-track wi-fi for South Coast trains. 


Mr Ward has used Parliament to ask a Question on Notice to the Minister for Transport about connecting south coast commuters to the world wide web. 

Mr Ward’s Question on Notice to the Minister can be viewed here. 


“I want to see more people using public transport and making wi-fi available on public transport services would be a real incentive for people to use the rail network,” Mr Ward said. 


“Transport for NSW has recently installed wi-fi on the Central Coast Line. Other regional services in NSW such as Canberra to Sydney and the Sydney to Melbourne leg have wi-fi on NSW Trains services. 


“I also note that Queensland Rail operates wi-fi on some of its services and free wi-fi trials are currently underway in Western Australia. 


“With housing affordability pushing more people into the regions, facilitating internet connections for commuters and passengers on regional services means people can work more flexibly and enjoy connectivity to social media and streaming service platforms. 


“Noting the decline in use post peak pandemic, there were still 561,283 trips on the South Coast line last month alone,” Mr Ward observed. 


“I know from personal experience that sustaining an internet connection through the northern suburbs of the Illawarra would totally change the public transport experience. 


“I look forward to the Minister’s answer and I want to work with the NSW Government to see real improvements in the public transport customer experience,” Mr Ward concluded. 


MEDIA: Kiama Electorate Office (02) 4232 1082