08 May 2024 SES flood waters fines

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has given notice in NSW Parliament to introduce a new bill which will provide for a fine when someone deliberately and recklessly drives through flood waters.

“Every flood season, we hear emergency services and leaders plead with people not to drive through flood waters – but people ignore the warnings and obvious dangers. This results in volunteers, often risking their own lives, to come to the rescue,” Mr Ward said.

“People wouldn’t drive into a bush fire – why do people feel the need to drive into flood waters when you often know nothing about the depth of velocity of the water. If it’s flooded – forget it!

“My bill will propose that any revenue raised from these fines goes back to our State Emergency Service,” Mr Ward said.

“Many countries have a surcharge in place when people require rescuing. If there is a penalty involved with a degree of risk-taking behaviour, hopefully this will make people think twice and save lives.

“And I hope this sensible bill will receive bipartisan support from across this Chamber from the government, opposition and cross bench members,” Mr Ward concluded.