Victor Day of North Nowra Celebrates 70 Years Clean Driving Record

05 May 2021 2541 seniors

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has made a special presentation to local North Nowra resident Mr Victor Day.

Mr Ward presented Victor Day with a ‘Gold Driver Certificate’ in honour of his 70 years clean driving record without a single speeding infringement or penalty notice.

“It is an absolutely extraordinary achievement and I am really pleased to present Mr Day with this gold driver certificate in recognition of this amazing milestone,” he said.

“To have a clean record for 40 or 50 years is significant but to get to 70 years is quite remarkable and certainly worthy of praise and recognition.

“Mr Day has not only managed to reduce his annual insurance premiums but it is also a very positive example to other drivers and road users that being responsible behind the wheel has many benefits.

“Unfortunately we are still witnessing speed, alcohol and mobile phone use distracting and impairing drivers on our roads.

“Congratulations to Victor Day on this amazing achievement,” Mr Ward said.