Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today acknowledged and paid tribute to the more than 30,000 members and volunteers who participate in NSW U3A.

“I applaud U3A’s mission of providing life-long learning, physical activities and socialisation for its membership,” Mr Ward said.

“As the local MP for Kiama and a candidate contesting the NSW State Election as an independent, I formally commit to backing U3A’s election platform.

“In order to facilitate this, I will seek to raise the profile of U3A in Parliament by establishing a Parliamentary Friendship Group if re-elected.

“I am calling on all other candidates to also commit to this policy statement so that we can raise the profile of U3A among Parliamentarians and the NSW Government in order to deliver not only recognition but real support.

“I note that the Victorian Government provides an annual grant to U3A Victoria which provides support for a Member Service Manager, an Administrative Manager, a Technology Project Manager and other costs such as Work Cover and insurance.

“NSW U3A are asking for an incredibly modest commitment – but I’m backing it and I hope other parties and candidates get on board.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers across the U3A network in my electorate and our State for supporting this incredible organisation and its ongoing work – you have my 100% support!” Mr Ward concluded.

Mr Denis Simond, President of U3A Network NSW said:

“On behalf of the 63 U3As throughout NSW, I am very grateful for the Member for Kiama Gareth Ward’s support and I look forward to the NSW Government supporting the valuable contribution made by U3A for retirees and semi-retired older persons across NSW,” Mr Simond said.

“U3As actively combat loneliness and isolation and assist participants to stay healthier and living independently longer by providing affordable “lifelong learning” opportunities for older persons, providing opportunities for participation in suitable physical activities.

“U3As are also providing terrific opportunities for socialisation by meeting and mixing with like-minded people,” Denis said.

“There are more than 30,000 U3A members in NSW and 100,000 plus members throughout Australia, who need the State Government’s support to continue and develop the work done to assist retirees benefiting from the U3A Movement.

“Thank you very much to the Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP for your kind support and your commitment to U3A Network NSW,” Mr Simond said.

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