As a former student of Bomaderry High School, I was delighted to convince the former government to plan for and allocate funding to upgrade the only public high school in the Shoalhaven LGA north of the Shoalhaven River.

Opened in the late 1960s, Bomaderry High School needs a major renovation and I thank the community for signing our community petition to make this project happen.  

The 2021-22 and 2022-23 budgets both contained funding to upgrade Bomaderry High School. 

Following my advocacy to the Minister and her department, I was pleased that the 2023-24 State Budget also contained funding for Bomaderry High School.

This is proof positive that as an independent MP, I’m getting things done for our community. 

However, the budget and the Government are silent on how much this upgrade will cost. This is most concerning. 

Whilst I appreciate the NSW Government has announced the completion of the business case for the upgrade of Bomaderry High School, the government has failed to identify how much it will spend. 

I will continue to make the strongest possible case for an upgrade that will future-proof Bomaderry High School and provide the best possible learning environment for the next generation. 

I note that in the most recent media release from NSW Labor on Bomaderry High School, the Member for South Coast was attempting to take the credit for yet another project I secured. 

Be it projects in my electorate like the Jervis Bay Road upgrade or Artie Smith Oval project, or projects I championed and secured funding for from previous governments like the Shoalhaven Hospital upgrade, the Member for South Coast continues to shamelessly show up for the photo-opp without having done any of the heavy lifting.

Rather than signing letters about international conflicts, perhaps the Member for South Coast should deliver her own projects like the East Nowra Sub Arterial or explain when the Milton Ulladulla Bypass will commence or indicate when the Nowra Bypass will get underway.