Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has slammed the NSW Minister for Health Ryan Park for his failure to deliver on a bipartisan election promise to provide free parking at Shoalhaven Hospital by July 1.

Mr Ward said he was deeply disappointed and wanted an explanation from the Minister on why he has ‘parked’ his promise.

“The Minister has provided no explanation as to why another NSW Labor Government promise is being broken. This is yet another broken promise from a government that is all talk and no action,” Mr Ward said.

“Instead of annoying frontline medical staff with late night visits to Emergency Departments for social media posts, perhaps this Minister could just do what he promised and get on with it.

“Where is the Member for South Coast on this issue? It seems she’s around for photo ops to take the credit for my hard work on projects like the Shoalhaven Hospital redevelopment, but she won’t front up and explain why her government’s promises aren’t being delivered to our local community?

“I have been a vocal proponent of free parking at Shoalhaven Hospital for visitors, patients and staff, which is why I put a question to the Minister asking for an update on this commitment which is now being broken.

“This commitment was costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office prior to the election so there is no excuse for not knowing the financial impact of this policy. Labor simply can’t be trusted to deliver on their election promises.

“I call on Minister Park to provide a transparent and detailed plan for implementing free parking at Shoalhaven Hospital, as promised. The community deserves clarity and certainty on this matter, and further delays or excuses are simply unacceptable,” Mr Ward concluded.