10,000 signatures have been slammed on the table of the NSW Legislative Assembly in opposition to cuts to the Regional Seniors Travel Card.

In a joint effort of local regional MPs, this petition will ensure the voice of regional seniors is heard.

“In the run up to the NSW State Election, the then Opposition Leader, now Premier, said he would keep the Regional Seniors Travel Card,” Mr Ward said.

“Once elected, Labor said they would ‘pause’ the Regional Seniors Travel Card. They lied.

“Then, as predicted, Labor cut the card in last month’s budget, confirming that Chris Minns lied to every single regional senior.

“I’m still collecting more signatures; I’ll keep tabling these petitions and I’ll continue reminding locals that they were lied to by this government.

Mr Ward said since 2020, the Regional Seniors Travel Card had helped more than one million eligible seniors living in rural and regional NSW with cost-of-living expenses by providing $250 to spend on petrol, taxis or public transport.

“The Regional Seniors Travel card was recognition that regional people don’t have access to all the public transport options enjoyed by people in major cities.

“Because of longer distances travelled, regional seniors also face higher costs of travel than those in metropolitan NSW. 

“Regional seniors can no longer trust a single thing this government has to say. Labor lied before the election, Labor lied after the election and now Labor has cut the card entirely.

“Once again, the Member for South Coast has proven to be totally ineffective. The Member for South Coast would rather read from the Labor talking points than actually stand up for her local community,” Mr Ward concluded.