Oppose Overdevelopment of Blowhole Point

Oppose Overdevelopment of Blowhole Point

I have viewed the Tourism Opportunities document and am deeply concerned that the document does not contain proposals for new “restaurants and shops” as was repeatedly outlined by a Kiama Councillor last week.

Because some local representatives appear to be totally out of touch with our community, today I can announce that I am launching a community petition to demonstrate community opposition to this plan.  

The community has not been consulted about further development of Blowhole Point. The claim that the community supports such plans is simply not true.  

Whilst I support balanced and sensible development, Blowhole Point is a tourist icon and loved by locals. Perhaps Local Government Councillors supportive of overdevelopment could turn their attention to the renovation of existing assets or the beautification of the harbour precinct before letting the developers rush-in without community consultation.

Our petition will be a good indication of where the community actually stands. As the local MP, I want to give a voice to people on this issue because the land in question is the property of the people of our community and our State.



Thanks for your support!

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