Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has called on the Member for South Coast and the Member for Shellharbour to explain why they said the Regional Seniors Travel Card was being ‘paused’ when yesterday’s budget cut the card entirely.

Mr Ward said the claim made by regional Labor Members that the card would be paused turned out to be a lie.  

“At the last election, the then Leader of the Opposition, now Premier, said he would ‘roll over’ cost of living supports including the Regional Seniors Travel Card,” Mr Ward said.

“This was a lie.

“The Members for South Coast and Shellharbour have let down their constituents by failing to stand up and fight for regional seniors. What’s worse is they lied to regional seniors saying the card would be ‘paused’ when they knew Labor would scrap it.

“Why did the Members for South Coast and Shellharbour lie to regional seniors in their electorate?

“I have had regional seniors in tears in my office over this decision. Some saying they won’t be able to afford to visit their grandchildren because of this nasty cut by a government that made a promise but is failing to keep it.

“Regional people don’t have the same level of access to public transport that people living in metropolitan NSW do. With regional seniors having to travel longer distances in country communities, the Regional Seniors Travel Card recognised the increase cost faced by people on fixed incomes.

“The decision of this mean Minns Labor Government is based on lie after lie. Labor lied about keeping the card, then in government they lied about pausing the card.

“If Labor were going to cut the card, why not just be up front and honest about it.

“I trust there were many regional seniors that now feel totally duped with many voting Labor thinking the card would be retained.

“We have now collected over 7,000 signatures for our community petition to have this matter debated in Parliament. Anyone wanting to sign our petition can visit my office or request a sheet be sent to them by contacting me on (02) 4232 1082,” Mr Ward concluded.