11 Dec 2023 Illawarra labor talkfest

Not a single major promise, policy or commitment was announced following the Minns Labor Cabinet’s summer south coast vacation to the Illawarra at the weekend according to Kiama MP Gareth Ward.

Despite attempting to badge the event as an Illawarra Community Cabinet meeting, the Government’s official community cabinet website had no information on the Illawarra visit. (See the community cabinetwebsite here: Community Cabinet | NSW Government)

“The biggest investment made by Labor at the weekend was a cabinet cuppa. But this cappuccino caucus delivered nothing but froth and bubble.

“What an embarrassment. After talking tough in Opposition about how Labor would deliver for the Illawarra, the entire cabinet comes to town and we see absolutely nothing new from this Minns Labor Government. They are so hopeless, they couldn’t even update a webpage with the details of their visit,” Mr Ward said.

“This is what happens when seats become safe. Labor is simply taking the Illawarra for granted and could care less about local people and local issues. This government is still campaigning and hasn’t stated governing. They are still acting like an opposition rather than a responsible government.

“The only thing I noticed was the Member for Wollongong attempting to take credit for lifts he didn’t fund and a bus service I saved during my time as Parliamentary Secretary. I’ll start the slow-cap for yet another Labor MP taking credit for someone else’s work.

“The Minns Labor Government needs to focus less on talk-fests and more on delivering the crucial infrastructure investments our region deserves.

“Unfortunately, not a single major investment was announced over the course of the weekend. The Labor Cabinet Ministers came, they saw, they left; without delivering a thing or without even announcing a single major policy or infrastructure project.  

“We know that Labor has a track record when it comes to taking the Illawarra for granted – it did so under the Carr, Iemma, Rees and Keneally Governments – and sadly we are already seeing that neglect again from the Minns Labor Government,” Mr Ward concluded.