Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has slammed the NSW Labor Minns Government for confirming it will cut the $250 Regional Seniors Travel Card and hand the cash to a single petrol company. 

Mr Ward said the NSW Labor Government has axed the travel card and struck a deal with United Petroleum to give seniors a 4-cent-per-litre discount on their fuel – but there isn’t a station in the Kiama Electorate. 


Mr Ward has called on the Members for South Coast and Shellharbour to stand up for local seniors and oppose this cut. 


“Under the former government, eligible seniors in my electorate got $250 in their back pocket to spend on fuel, public transport or taxis. Under Mean Minns and his exclusive shop-a-docket deal, there is no eligible petrol stations in the Kiama Electorate for regional seniors to even fill-up. 


This new scheme hugely disadvantages seniors in my electorate who can’t drive and count on that money to pay for other ways to get around or for their carer’s petrol costs. 


“This new scheme benefits seniors in Labor electorates where there are a large number of United stations but this decision disadvantages regional seniors that have to travel longer distances and have fewer public transport options. 


“Once again, the Members for South Coast and Shellharbour are in hiding; preferring to speak from Labor’s talking points than stand up for their communities. 


“We have had an overwhelming response to my petition but I need more signatures to take it to Parliament and have the $250 Regional Seniors Travel Card reinstated. If you haven’t signed, please get in touch with my office today and send a clear message to Mean Minns.   



MEDIA: Kiama Electorate Office (02) 4232 1082