Illawarra Unemployment Plunges To Record Low

Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast Gareth Ward MP has today welcomed the latest jobs figures that set yet another new record for the lowest unemployment rate in our region’s history.

“Under us – more jobs. Under Labor – no jobs. Take your pick!,” Mr Ward said.

“I am honoured to release the latest figures that show the Illawarra and South Coast are benefiting from our strong State economy and record NSW Liberal Government investments.

“The Illawarra unemployment rate is now 4.5%. This time last year it was 5.7%. The Illawarra unemployment rate is now lower than the NSW average at 4.9% and the national average of 5.3%.

“The Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands region has had record jobs growth of up to 11,500 jobs in the past year.

‘This would not be possible without a government that is focused on cutting taxes, axing red tape and delivering vital infrastructure.”  

“Labor love talking about jobs – but the very opportunities they “talk” about just never come true.

“When I became the Parliamentary Secretary, I promised to work hard to address unemployment. I’m proud that these figures represent hard work by business both large and small. Whilst there is always more to be done, these are a beautiful set of numbers!,” Mr Ward concluded.


Illawarra (includes Keira, Wollongong, Shellharbour and parts of Heathcote, Kiama and Wollondilly) has added  5,600 jobs since last July.

Southern Highlands & Shoalhaven (includes South Coast and parts of Goulburn and Kiama) has added a whopping 5,900 jobs in the last 12 months.

Illawarra’s unemployment rate is just 4.5%, well below the State and Federal average.