19 Jul 2023

Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has warned planned extra services on the
South Coast train line are in jeopardy as the Minns Labor Government conducts its own
secret infrastructure audit which puts at risk the previously budgeted Toolijooa Passenger
Passing Loop.

The secret infrastructure audit is looking to take a sledgehammer to vital infrastructure
projects on the South Coast, which will cut jobs, slow progress and impact commuters and
motorists for decades to come.

Mr Ward found out about the secret audit in response to a Question on Notice he asked of
the Minister for Regional Roads and Transport.

“The Premier of Reviews is taking yet another a “review” of the all the infrastructure projects
in NSW, with the Toolijooa passing loop the latest project to be de-railed by Labor. What’s
worse, no one was told about this secret State Government infrastructure audit until now,”
Mr Ward said.

“I fought to get a commitment of $125 million to duplicate parts of the South Coast line to
boost the number of seats and services. This project was in the budget.

“But Mean Minns is intent on making life harder for our regional communities by threatening
to slash local projects to fund roads, schools and hospitals in Western Sydney. If Mean
Minns was committed to our community, why is he putting important investments in public
transport at risk.

“First it was the Jervis Bay interchange and now it’s this rail improvement project. No
regional investment or project is safe under Labor.

“What’s equally appalling is the total lack of leadership from the Member for the South
Coast. She should be banging the Premier’s door down to save these projects but just like
the Member for Gilmore, she’d rather protect her Labor Government than fight for her
community,” Mr Ward concluded.

MEDIA: Kiama Electorate Office (02) 4232 1082