$12,928 Funding Boost for Shoalhaven Heads Public School

13 Nov 2018 education 2535 2534

Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has today presented $12,928 funding to representatives from Shoalhaven Heads Public School to help upgrade their facilities.

Mr Ward was joined at the funding announcement with the Principal Sarah Baker, Vice-President of the P&C Heidi Fletcher and students at Shoalhaven Heads Public School.

“This $12,928 funding will go towards the purchase of new classroom equipment at Shoalhaven Heads Public School,” he said.

“This funding came from the Premier’s discretionary fund after I met with the Premier and presented her with petitions from the Shoalhaven Heads community.

“When it comes to delivering for our local schools, I’ll always do all that I can to support our hardworking teachers but also dedicated volunteers and in Parents and Citizens Associations.

“I would like to commend Heidi Fletcher for working so hard for Shoalhaven Heads Public School and working with me to secure this funding,” Mr Ward said.

Heidi Fletcher, Vice-President of the P&C at Shoalhaven Heads Public School, also welcomed the funding announcement today.

“We are really grateful for Gareth Ward advocating to secure this amazing funding our school and our local Shoalhaven Heads community in general,” she said.

“These students will now be learning in an environment more suitable to collaborative learning and the sort of learning that we want for the future.

“Some of the existing classroom furniture was quite old and unsuitable and this funding will allow for a more suitable and more comfortable learning environment for these students.

“It will definitely have a positive impact for generations to come and we are extremely grateful to our local Member Gareth Ward for his ongoing support of Shoalhaven Heads Public School,” Mrs Fletcher concluded.