I have been approached by the  Gerringong All Sports group to support their grant application for funds to upgrade the lighting and other projects within the grounds of Athol Noble and Gerry Emery sporting fields.  This group consists of Gerringong Breakers, Gerringong Cricket, Gerringong Junior League and Gerringong Touch Football clubs.

I am more than happy to support this combined group of sporting clubs in their funding request.  The projects consist of the following;

Stage One – To replace existing lighting with high power  (300+ LUX) LED, additional pole at the southern end of Athol Noble and LED lighting in the northern car park which will ensure that the grounds meet the current Australian safety standards.  This new lighting project will allow Soccer and Cricket to hold competitive games on a higher level ie; State League, FFA cup and the Illawarra Premier League.

Stage Two – Improve the current drainage on Gerry Emery Oval that often causes the cancellation of games and the usage of the field.

Stage Three – To erect fencing and seating around the both sporting fields that will improve the safety and comfort of players and spectators.

The sporting grounds are shared between several clubs which include Cricket, Soccer, Touch Football, Junior Rugby League  and also Gerringong Primary School.    Between all the clubs there are in excess of 1000 participants who use these facilities all throughout the year.  Due to the high number of teams, training times are often dependent on availability and visibility.

Future projects will consist of the upgrade and extension of the shared clubhouse and will include adding  women’s change rooms, improvements to the canteen, additional storage areas and extension of the upstairs meeting room.

This funding request is for worthwhile projects that will benefit many within the wider community. 


Will you sign?