Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today delivered his second reading speech on the David Berry Hospital Amendment (Prohibition of Sale) Bill 2024, to introduce an Act to amend the David Berry Hospital Act 1906 to prohibit the sale or disposal of the lands on which the David Berry Hospital stands.

A copy of Mr Ward’s speech can be read here and viewed here.

“This bill is perhaps the most simple bill to understand and even easier to vote for.  A bill to amend the David Berry Hospital Act 1906 to prohibit the sale or disposal of the lands on which the David Berry Hospital stands,” Mr Ward said.

Referring to Labor’s election commitment to ensure essential assets will always belong to the people of NSW, “David Berry Hospital and its lands are also an essential asset…it was a gift to the people of Berry by the Berry family, and my community wants to see it stay that way,” Ward continued.

“I don’t know what more I can have done; I’ve asked Questions on Notice, I’ve written to the Minister, I’ve asked the Premier a question in Question Time, I’ve sought to use the time of this House for a Pubic Interest Debate; I’m now left with no other option than to present a bill to amend legislation as it stands to rule out the sale of this hospital which is genuinely special to our community. This bill seeks to ensure in perpetuity that this site is protected.

“It would be unpardonably hypocritical and arrogant of a government that seeks to claim the mantle of being opposed to privatisation to oppose this bill or at the very least to rule out the sale of David Berry Hospital. That would cause a great deal of relief.

“Labor have had plenty of opportunities to rule out the sale of this hospital, but they have failed to do so.  In fact, they relied on the votes of the Greens to vote down a motion ruling out its sale.  

“And in voting against that motion, Labor voted against the very motion proposed by the former Labor Member for Kiama almost 30 years to the day he moved the exact same motion.

“I would happily withdraw this bill today if the government ruled out the sale of this land.

“There is also a Public Meeting on Saturday 20th July 2024 and I encourage all interested and concerned local Berry residents to attend this meeting and to have their say,” Mr Ward concluded.


Saturday 20th July at 2pm

Uniting Church Hall, North Street, BERRY

Keynote Speaker – Dr Phil Lee, Leading Palliative Care Advocate