Ward Invites NSW Planning Minister To Community Rally This Saturday

19 Jan 2022 2533

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has today formally written to the NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts to invite him to a community rally against the proposed South Kiama Planning Proposal. The rally comes as the NSW Government’s Independent Review of the South Kiama Planning Proposal is now underway. 

My letter can be read here. Should the Minister attend, he will be given the opportunity to provide an update.

The rally will be held this Saturday 22nd January at 10 AM in Hindmarsh Park. This will only be a short, sharp rally and the community is encouraged to wear masks.

“I am totally opposed to the South Kiama Planning Proposal. I join with the vast majority of our community in condemning the plan that would put significant pressure on existing road, water and community infrastructure and detract from the village character of Kiama,” Mr Ward said.

“Having worked with Kiama Central Precinct Chair Mr Mark Greaves, we secured a meeting and agreement from former Planning Minister Rob Stokes for an independent review of this proposal to be undertaken. Given that this review is currently underway, we want to send a loud and clear message to the NSW Government that our community does not support this proposal.

“I am not anti-development, I am pro sensible and sustainable development. This re-zoning proposal isn’t sensible or sustainable.

“I hope the Minister comes this weekend and provides an update to our community on the current process. I am very keen for the Minister to understand the reasons why this development cannot be supported by the Department of Planning.

“I encourage anyone in our community concerned about over-development to attend this rally at the weekend,” Mr Ward concluded.