Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today used the Parliament of New South Wales to highlight his local community concerns about Shoalhaven’s City Council’s planned fire sale of community own land.

Mr Ward has taken aim at Greens-Labor Councillors who last night refused to withdraw the proposed sale of a public car park in Berry.

“Greens and Labor Councillors are now desperate. But flogging community owned land to prop up their budget ahead of the election won’t con our community.

“It beggars’ belief that Greens and Labor Councillors refused to withdraw from sale 77 Princes Street in Berry which is currently used as public car park with parking at a premium in the Berry CBD.

“The lack of parking in Berry for residents and visitors is a serious concern, which will be exacerbated by the cancellation of the planned 180 car park spaces at Boongaree.

“I’m also concerned that this sale, which is inconsistent with council’s disposal of lands policy, comes at a time when a private developer has incorporated a public car park into their proposed private parking requirements as part of their development application. What does this developer know that our community don’t?

“The Hotel owners’ application (RA23/1002), states “The proposed development also provides 17 sealed spaces on Council’s land at 77 Princess Street”. This matter is before the Southern Regional Planning Panel for determination and the subject of a referral to the LEC on the grounds of deemed refusal.

“I understand that independent Councillors are lodging a rescission motion and I call on the Greens and Labor Councillors to listen to the community and withdraw this land from sale,” Mr Ward concluded.

Mr Ward’s Notice of Motion is:

  1. Notes with concern the Greens-Labor proposed fire sale of community owned land access the Shoalhaven City Council area.
  2. Specifically expresses its opposition to the proposed sale of 77 Princes Street, Berry which is currently a public car park.
  3. Condemns Labor and Green Councillors for refusing to withdraw from sale a public car park which is also subject to private interest from a property developer.
  4. Condemns Labor and the Greens for their budget vandalism and irresponsible management of ratepayer’s fun

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