Ahead of tonight’s Federal Budget, Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has called on the NSW Government to back the Nowra Bypass and strike an 80/20 split on funding the project, similar to previous arrangements for the Pacific Highway.

“Whilst we've seen a bipartisan commitment on the Nowra Bypass at a Federal level, NSW Labor remains mute on the Nowra Bypass at a State level. We have no idea if they support it or not,” Mr Ward said.

“Nowra needs a bypass and whilst we seem to have  bipartisan Federal support, we still have no idea where NSW Labor stands. To their credit, the NSW Coalition supports the Nowra Bypass and made a funding commitment at the last election. 

“Whilst this will be a significant project, the Pacific Highway was delivered with a funding agreement; 80% from the Commonwealth, 20% from the State.

“All we’ve seen so far from Transport for NSW is a fluffy survey with a bunch of irrelevant questions. We don’t need surveys; we need to get on with the project. 

“It’s time for NSW Labor to get serious about our region and commit to the Nowra Bypass,” Mr Ward concluded.

Mr Ward's motion in Parliament today was: 

  1. Calls on the NSW Government to support the Nowra Bypass Project.
  2. Notes that NSW Labor have made no commitment towards progressing the Nowra Bypass.
  3. Acknowledges the bipartisan Commonwealth commitment of funding to progress the Nowra Bypass. 
  4. Calls on the NSW Government to seek to negotiate an 80/20 funding split between the Commonwealth and the State to fund the Nowra Bypass.