14 Jun 2024 Transport

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has condemned Labor’s ‘major’ rail announcement yesterday as embarrassing, insulting, and disappointing. He’s accused the region’s Labor MPs of failing commuters given pre-budget ‘announcement’ didn’t include a single new seat or new service.

“I wouldn’t have even issued the media release. It’s that embarrassing,” Mr Ward said.

“$10 million for another ‘plan’? Not a single new service, not another new seat; the only ‘sleepers’ are the Labor MPs who put their names to this. We don’t want more plans, we want more services.

“This government cut the Toolijooa Passing Loop which would have doubled the capacity of the South Coast Line and now they try and wow the community with more plans, but no more services. What an absolute joke.

“They also cut the Regional Seniors Travel Card and the Regional Student Travel card which would have actually helped people with the cost of living.

“Labor can’t even answer my questions about why the South Coast will be the last region to get the new inter-city fleet.

“Ryan Park told us we needed a Ministry for the Illawarra. Well, where has this gotten us? Cuts to rail, cuts to school and he’s even cut the palliative health care budget in our region in his own portfolio.

“Tip for Labor; don’t announce more plans. Why don’t you try and get things done,” Mr Ward concluded.