02 Jul 2024 Jamberoo Floods Hero

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has awarded Jamberoo local Mitchell Rosser a Premiers Community Commendation on behalf of the New South Wales Government for his bravery and heroic actions in saving a trapped man from a vehicle that had been swept away in the April floods.

''Mitch Rosser is a hero. He is both extraordinary and humble. He risked his own life to save another, and this award recognises these incredible actions’’ Mr Ward said.

''This is a very special award, only given to very special people. Mitch’s gallantry and fearless is worthy of this recognition.

''These are scary situations, and the community is grateful we are celebrating today, rather than reading about another statistic related to vehicles being caught up in flood waters.

“It’s an honour to receive this award, but I want to make sure everyone and not just me is recognised. I’d hope anyone in my situation would have done the same thing. The guy was obviously in trouble and if we hadn’t been outside when it happened who knows what would have happened,” said Mr Rosser.

“My wife also helped, grabbing my torch from the Ute, knee deep in water whilst looking after our two-year old. The sun wasn’t up yet. Everyone helped to get this guy to safety. The neighbours also helped to make sure we were okay.

“I would like to acknowledge everyone that assisted. Emergency services could not get to us because of the floodwater. We called 000 trying to find this bloke, my wife was on the phone to our neighbours, and we were lucky our neighbour was an off-duty paramedic who was there to help.

“I would like to thank my wife, Monica, and my neighbours, Trace and Trevor Symons, who were a massive help in calming us all done and making sure everyone was safe," concluded Mr Rosser.

''I also acknowledge Mr Rosser’s humility and the assistance he received from his wife and neighbours” Mr Ward concluded.