Put Council Spin In The Bin

29 Jul 2021 environment

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has rubbished a Shoalhaven City Council spin campaign promoting Council’s proposed waste management option before the option and the facility have received DA approval. 

“In 2008 I stopped Shoalhaven City Council from using rate-payers funds to produce a regular newsletter to promote the political interests and agendas of Councillors. 13 years on, it seems that Councillors are ‘branching out’ into ratepayer-funded spin again.

“This ad not only came at the expense of ratepayers, but it comes at the cost of roads and footpaths that are crying out for extra funds. Putting spin before substance shows this council is totally out of touch with what residents want.

“How many parks could have been mowed, fences mended, pot holes fixed or footpaths constructed? I don’t want Council delivering spin, I want them delivering the best possible waste management system.

“Whilst I appreciate that all 13 Councillors oppose a Green Bin system, the DA for the system they’re promoting hasn’t even been approved and has now been trashed by the independent Environmental Protection Authority that have raised serious environmental concerns. To call a spade a shovel, Council are backing a foreign-owned, smelly and expensive waste system over the recommended Best Practice approach which could have engaged local businesses and local jobs.

“Whilst local Government Elections have now been moved to 4 December, when Council’s spin machine released this ad there were only two weeks to go till the council caretaker period. Why would council release this material just before a council election?

“I have been asked by our community to start a petition to support the introduction of Green Bins,” Mr Ward concluded.

This online petition is available on my website here: https://www.garethwardmp.com.au/green_bins_shaven_lga