Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has launched a petition backing in concerns by parents, staff and students following problems with mould in several school buildings at Cambewarra Public School.

"With thousands of homes expected to be developed around Cambewarra and the new suburb of Badagarang, investments in public education were critical to ensure the school learning environment is up to scratch," said Mr Ward.

"Cambewarra Public School students and parents received a works notification on 14 June 2024 advising that three demountable classrooms, a staffroom, library and year 2 classrooms had been severely impacted by mould.

“Demountable classrooms are not a permanent solution. We need investments in new school building for Cambewarra and this petition calls for exactly that,” Mr Ward said.

“I have been overwhelmed by emails from the P&C, parents and staff at Cambewarra Public School concerned that both students and staff have become ill due to mould.

“On 17 June I wrote to the Minister for Education and Early Learning and am yet to receive a response. On 19 June I raised the matter on the floor of parliament. I’m now launching a petition which I will use to press the government for investments to upgrade Cambewarra Public School.

“Whilst this government has a big housing growth agenda, they don’t seem to have a big infrastructure agenda.

''Some demountable buildings at Cambewarra Public School are 20 years old. The library and classrooms are closed. I completely agree with the P&C that basic maintenance and standards are not being met. These investments are not negotiable.

''I would like to thank the school community for again raising these important issues with me,’’ Mr Ward concluded.

The petition link can be found here: Petition to reverse cuts to school education budgets and ensure Cambewarra Public School is properly maintained (