20 Feb 2024


Member for Kiama Gareth Ward is today encouraging local residents and community organisations in the Kiama electorate to celebrate the positive role seniors play in our towns and villages by nominating them for the 2024 NSW Seniors Festival Local Achievement Awards.

16 Feb 2024


Thursday, 15 February 2024

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today called on Shoalhaven City Council to release the secret report conducted by the Office of Local Government into Bioelektra.

On the eve of a public holiday, council quietly announced that it had received the department’s report into Bioelektra. A copy of the media release can be found here.

“It’s not good enough for council to quietly mention this report in passing. Where is it! The public have a right to see it given that millions of ratepayer dollars were blown on this stuff-up,” Mr Ward said.

“This report was undertaken following the pressure I applied to the Minister for Local Government in Parliament. Whilst I’m pleased the report has been done, I’d like to read it for myself rather than the summary provided by council on the eve of a public holiday.

“It’s simply not good enough to keep local Shoalhaven residents in the dark and the report hidden.

“Shoalhaven City Council needs to release the report and make it publicly available as soon as possible and inform local Shoalhaven residents on the actions it is taking to ensure we don’t see more ratepayer money wasted in the future,” Mr Ward concluded.

Media Release.

13 Feb 2024

Just Embarrassing - Small Business

After promising to release the NSW Labor Government’s Small Business Strategy and Small Business Charter in 2023, Member for Kiama, Gareth Ward, says that it’s still nowhere to be seen.

Mr Ward asked about the government’s election-pledge to small businesses in Parliament last year, only to be told that plans would be released by the end of 2023. (See QONs: 1569 - SMALL BUSINESS BUREAU AND SMALL BUSINESS CHARTER (nsw.gov.au) and 1568 - NSW SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY 2023-26).

Mr Ward has used Parliament last week to ask the Minister why he hasn’t delivered on this promise to small businesses across NSW (See QON: 2408 - SMALL BUSINESS REPORTS NSW.

“This Minister is beyond hopeless. He hasn’t even managed to update the name and photo of the Government’s website from the last person to be the Minister for Small Business (See Minister's foreword: NSW Small Business Strategy 2023-2026),” Mr Ward said.

“If Kamper can’t deliver ‘a document’ on time, how can he be expected to step up and deliver on the challenges facing small businesses across our State? Clearly, small business just isn’t a priority for this Minns Labor Government.

“What an absolute laughingstock. You’ve got Labor in Canberra criminalising employers for contacting staff after-hours and State Labor cares so little about small business they can’t even update a document that already exists.

“Power prices, commercial rents, staffing awards, costs of materials are all going up and it’s getting harder and harder to run a small business.

“I want to hear from this government about how it’s going to make it more attractive to run a business in NSW. I’d like to know their plan for regulation and red tape reduction, tax reduction and small business support.

“But we have no clue about any of that because this government doesn’t have a plan and they just don’t care.

“Having grown up in a small business family, I care about small business, and I’ll continue to fight for people who are the backbone of regional economies,” Mr Ward concluded.




Image:  https://www.nsw.gov.au/working-and-business/nsw-small-business-strategy-2023-2026/ministers-foreword

07 Feb 2024


Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today backed a new campaign blitz which highlights the concerning health damage caused by vaping.

01 Feb 2024


Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has today announced $50,000 funding to representatives from Gerringong Golf Club including the Club President, Mr Geoff Manning to deliver a new fuel storage and cart wash bay facility for the local golf club.