In a shock move, NSW Labor have today declared their opposition to the Broken Hill to Wentworth Pipeline and voted against a project that will help support steel jobs in the Illawarra.

“Labor made their policy clear – like the Greens, they oppose the project,” Mr Ward said.

“The $420Million Broken Hill to Wentworth pipeline project will use 20,000 tonnes of BlueScope steel. Today, each and every Illawarra Labor MPs turned their backs on Illawarra steel workers.

“How can Labor explain their actions today? They talk about using Australian steel in infrastructure projects but fail to support infrastructure that users Australian steel.

“Not only did they not support local steel workers – they didn’t even show up for the debate!

“I worked with the Minister for Water to ensure local steel workers benefited from this nation-building infrastructure. But today Labor MPs showed in spectacular fashion that they say one thing in the Illawarra and do as they are told in Parliament.

“I call on local Union leaders to disaffiliate from Labor – your member’s jobs are on the line and it’s clear that the Labor Party doesn’t support the Labour movement.

“Last year, I worked with industry and business to develop a policy that promotes the use of Australian steel in NSW Government infrastructure by mandating a new steel standard.

“The Broken Hill to Wentworth pipeline, like the Berry Bypass and Gerringong upgrade all used Australian steel. Contrast this with the last two infrastructure projects under Labor that didn’t use an ounce of Australian steel.

“Labor MPs had a choice today. Instead of supporting local steel jobs and local families, they chose to support their political masters in Parliament,” Mr Ward concluded.