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Including those who deserve a say

OPINION – Daily Telegraph, April 2014 By GARETH WARD The catch-cry of “No taxation without representation” was first head among the British colonialists that occupied the thirteen Colonies in North America who felt aggrieved that whilst they paid tax in accordance...

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Calderwood a major concern

This week I raised in parliament my concerns about the Calderwood development proposal and the independence of the Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC). In parliament, I took aim at the Department of Planning for pressuring the PAC into changing its original...

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Mateship alive and well in Kiama

This week, Parliament was in session. I wasn’t looking forward to the week in Sydney as I would have rather been back in the region to provide whatever assistance I could with the clean-up from the weekend’s storms. ‘Twas a dark and stormy night It’s...

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Fixing the mess left by Labor

Whilst I have the utmost respect for my collogue and friend the Member for Keira – his latest blog is a feeble attempt to re-write history in order to make his former Labor Government look slightly more adequate  than the Rum Corp. When we inherited the government...

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