L'Scrap - Ward Slams 'Out of Touch' Council

17 Aug 2021 2533 2577 2535 2534

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP has told Shoalhaven City Councillors to get on their bikes after they were solely responsible for crashing L’Etape Australia that would have put the South Coast on the world stage in the midst of a COVID recovery.

“First, Shoalhaven City Councillors supported the event without any consultation. Now their behaviour will result in the event being trashed without any consultation. What is wrong with these people?” Mr Ward said in disgust.

In a statement released today, L’Etape Australia said:

Shoalhaven City Council’s withdraw of support has left Lateral Events no other option but to cancel the event.

“Following concerns from business, I held a public meeting in Berry earlier in the year. I worked with L’Etape Australia and local businesses to change the details of the event to mitigate the impact of the race on local business and maximise the economic return to our community.

“Such changes as a rolling peloton and holding the event on a Sunday made a huge difference for local businesses that were concerned about road closures and delays.

“Shoalhaven City Council has all the consistency of a weather vane. Not only is this Council bad for business, they are scaring businesses and jobs out of our region.

“This wasn’t a decision of the staff. Let me be very clear, this was a unanimous decision of the elected Councillors. This lot needs to go!

“This event was due to be held in November when we need to be bringing people back to our region. An opportunity to showcase our community on the world stage has been smashed by a bunch of Councillors that have the wrong priorities and are totally out of touch with our community,” Mr Ward concluded.