Jamberoo RLFC - Funding for Kevin Walsh Oval

Jamberoo RLFC - Funding for Kevin Walsh Oval

The Jamberoo RLFC are seeking funding to enable the installation of perimeter fencing around Kevin Walsh Oval.

It is a requirement of the Local Rugby League Body that in order for Jamberoo RLFC to compete in the 1st Grade competition they have to have an enclosed field.

At present, in order to get around this requirement, Jamberoo RFLC have had to erect temporary fencing on game days.

This of course is not a full time solution but a stop gap until a permanent fence can be erected. This current process of putting up and pulling down the temporary fence also places a huge burden on the Club's volunteers as the process is slow and physically exhausting.

Thanks for your support!

This cause has been achieved.

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