Illawarra Labor's Rail Fail

Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra Gareth Ward MP has today slammed Illawarra Labor MPs for their failure to outline their South Coast Rail Plan almost 100 days after it was first promised.

Mr Ward said that today’s election stunt was merely a plan for a plan.

“On 8th November 2018, NSW Labor announced they would scrap the F6 extension and allocate $2.4 billion dollars for a South Coast Rail Plan,” he said.

“Ryan Park categorically ruled out the possibility of a Thirroul to Waterfall tunnel stating, “That will mean commuters north of Thirroul do not have a station to get onto.” Mr Park also suggested a Thirroul tunnel would “congest what is already a very congested Thirroul precinct.”

Mr Park has today back flipped suggesting that NSW Labor will investigate the feasibility of the Thirroul-Waterfall tunnel.

Today Ryan Park said: “The Thirroul to Waterfall tunnel, or a tunnel of that nature, is still a part of the mix.”

“Early advice indicates a rail tunnel between Thirroul and Waterfall is at least $3 billion dollars. Mr Park has clearly not done his homework and Labor’s commitments are unfunded.

“Labor have failed to identify how many additional services they will provide and how much time any of these thought bubbles will save commuters.

“Ryan Park was the Deputy Director General of the Department of Transport that oversaw the cancelled Rozelle Metro Project costing taxpayers hundreds of millions without a single sleeper being laid.

“This was but one of the 12 Rail Lines which Labor promised in Government, but failed to deliver more than half a line.

“In contrast, every infrastructure project and every additional public transport service we have promised, we have delivered.

“All today’s announcement confirms, is that Labor has a plan to scrap the F6, and no new ideas on how to improve public transport,” Mr Ward concluded.