Ensuring Excellence - New Standards for Graduate Teachers

A new program will ensure that our public education system remains among the finest in the world, with new employment standards set for graduate teachers in NSW public schools. 

The NSW Government has launched the new Teacher Success Profile (TSP). This policy sets a new benchmark university graduates must meet to be eligible for employment as teachers in NSW public schools.

Public schools should only hire the best and brightest aspiring teachers.

Teaching is not a career that just anyone can do. As the largest employer of teachers in the state, the NSW Government is passionate about ensuring that only the very best graduates end up in the public school system.

The Teacher Success Profile will help prepare the next generations for the opportunities and challenges of the future.

The NSW Government is helping to create more jobs and it is important that students are prepared as best as possible for the challenges those new roles will bring.

Our public education system is world class and I want to give the people of NSW the confidence that it will remain excellent in the future.

The Teacher Success Profile has five main criteria new graduates must satisfy to be considered potential public school teachers:

  • Receive a minimum Credit grade point average in their University degree.
  • Prove sound practical knowledge and ability, which will be reflected by an assessment of every single practicum report.
  • Show superior cognitive and emotional intelligence measured via a psychometric assessment.
  • Demonstrate their commitment to the values of public education in a behavioural interview.
  • Recognising that teaching is relational, individuals who complete an entirely online undergraduate teaching degree will not be preferenced for employment unless they live in a remote area, or face personal circumstances which make online education the only practical option.

When it comes to new teaching graduates, we are spoilt for choice and NSW public schools deserve the very best.

The new policy augments the 2016 Initial Teacher Education entry standards the NSW Government placed on year 12 students entering into teaching degrees - requiring them to achieve a Band 5 in at least three HSC subjects, including English.  

The NSW Government will now consult with principals and teachers, with the policy applying to all students commencing teaching degrees from 2019.