Independent Member for Kiama Gareth Ward MP is urging all eligible seniors to go to their nearest Service NSW and apply for the $250 Regional Seniors Travel Card before the NSW Labor Government axe the card on Friday.

Mr Ward said the Minns Labor Government was axing applications for the card from 7am on Friday 7th July meaning thousands of seniors may miss out on $250 to put towards travel costs.

“The Regional Seniors Travel Card has been a huge help to many in our community who are struggling with cost-of-living expenses rising,” Mr Ward said.

“Those eligible have until this Friday to put an application in at their nearest Service NSW or online. I urge all eligible seniors to get in and claim your $250 card that you can put towards petrol, taxis and public transport.

“Mean Minns said he would ‘roll over’ cost of living measures before the election. Now in government, he’s cutting important cost of living measures. Mean Minns says one thing in opposition, but does another thing in government.

“And where are the Illawarra and South Coast Labor MPs? They are silent – more interested in staying in government than standing up for vulnerable seniors.

“It’s terribly insulting that Mean Minns thinks our seniors are using the card to buy cigarettes and lollies. Using these examples reflects on this governments attitude towards our seniors.

“My petition opposing the cuts to the Regional Seniors Travel Card are still going strong and you can still sign this in my office.