$1,000 Scholarships Available For Disadvantaged Local Students

Parliamentary Secretary for Education Gareth Ward MP has today encouraged students living in social housing or crisis accommodation across the Illawarra and South Coast to apply for the 2019 FACS Scholarship Program.

Mr Ward said that the Scholarship program, which allows students to receive financial assistance from Year 10 up until they complete their tertiary education, provides $1000 that can be spent on items to support their education including text books, computers and private tutoring.

“This Scholarship program is a really great opportunity to relieve some of the pressure that low income families face when it comes to the costs of education,” he said.

“We know how important that education is in providing a better future for our children.

“This program is about making the lives of students easier by helping them manage educational expenses so they can complete their studies and succeed.

“Students facing disadvantage, such as those who are carers or living with a health problem, will be prioritised for the scholarship.

“This scholarship will ensure that students who were committed to their studies were not held back by their circumstances.

“We want the best for young people in social housing and we know that with a strong education, many can break the cycle of disadvantage.

“Applications for the 2019 FACS Scholarship will close on 31st January 2019,” Mr Ward concluded.

For more information, and to apply online, please visit the website at: www.facs.nsw.gov.au/facs-scholarships.