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05 Dec 2019

Local Funding for Shark Surveillance

Local councils and surf clubs in our community are invited to apply for grants to improve shark surveillance at beaches in the area, under the NSW Government’s Shark Observation Grants Program.

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Jamberoo Bowling Club - Funding Request

The Jamberoo Bowling Club is seeking funding to enable the surface restoration of the car park and line marking.

Albion Park Rail Public - Funding Request

The Albion Park Rail Public School P&C is seeking funding to enable the implementation of water stations.

CCTV Cameras for Albion Park CBD

Residents and business shouldn’t have to put up with unacceptable behaviour on our streets. To those who oppose the installation of CCTV cameras I simply say this – if you are doing nothing wrong you have absolutely nothing to hide.  

Shoalhaven Community Choir - Funding Request

Shoalhaven Community Choir is seeking funding to enable the purchase of a keyboard.

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