Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra Gareth Ward has expressed his disappointment at a Question on Notice asked by the Member for Wollongong Paul Scully in relation to the record spends on Wollongong electorate roads and other forms of active transport.

Mr Ward described it as the most ridiculous and silly questions he’s seen.

“I’ve seen some shockers – but this one takes the Christmas cake. For a second I thought it was Anna Watson asking the question!”, Mr Ward said.

“Mr Scully has asked the Minister for Roads about “claims” I’ve made about the millions this Liberal Government has spent on Wollongong electorate roads and active transport.

“Clearly the Member for Wollongong drives around his electorate with his eyes closed. Or perhaps he just prefers to talk down this Government’s investments in Wollongong – investments we never saw under the former Labor Government which took this electorate for granted.

“I’m pleased that Mr Scully’s peculiar question has allowed me the opportunity to reinforce the Government’s record spends across our region on projects such as $6.7Million on traffic efficiency improvements including $4.6Million on junction improvements to the Princes Highway and The Avenue at Figtree, bridge building, road repairs, and improvements to public walkways and cycle ways.

“We’ve provided considerable grant funding to Wollongong City Council to ease the burden on its ratepayers to help deliver vital improvements to local infrastructure.

“My advice to Mr Scully is simple – in future, if you want to ask a question about something I’ve said – just ask me in order to avoid further embarrassment. There’s no way that Noreen would have ever asked a question like this!

“Whilst Labor fumbles around with ridiculous questions in Parliament, we’ll get on with delivering a stronger economy that allows this Government to make record spends on infrastructure across the Illawarra and South Coast,” Mr Ward concluded.