Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has slammed the Labor Party who have been caught out in Senate Budget Estimates misleading our community on the Nowra Bridge project.

Mr Ward said that Labor has again been caught out putting politics first and our Princes Highway last.

“If Labor had of done their homework, they would know that the NSW Government has made an application to the Commonwealth Government, through the Infrastructure Australia Priority List on two separate occasions in 2015 and 2016 and will for a third time later this year,” he said.

“It was via this process that the New South Wales Government secured $10 million to complete the business case which is due to be finalised later this year.

“Interestingly that was the question raised in Senate Budget Estimates – not whether funding had been sought. The Labor Party is being loose with the truth.

“As Federal Labor and Fiona Phillips are aware, inclusion on the Infrastructure Australia Priority List is the crucial first step to receiving Commonwealth funding and to imply otherwise is simply misleading our community.

“The funding amounts being tossed in the air by the Labor Party actually fall well short of what is required to deliver this project.

“This gaffe is just further proof that Labor cannot be trusted to deliver when it comes to upgrading our Princes Highway and Nowra Bridge,” Mr Ward concluded.