Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra Gareth Ward has today announced that more than $2,493,000 will be invested throughout the Illawarra as part of the New South Wales Government’s record $70 million on 172 vital safety upgrades to our State’s road network, which will help to drive down the road toll Towards Zero.

Mr Ward said that $850,000 thousand of the funding would go towards investigation and construction efforts to improve the intersection of Five Islands Road and Flinders St, Port Kembla North; including improving the road seal as well as making the super-elevation of the road safer as part of the State Black Spot program.

“This important road safety program is funded through the Community Road Safety fund where all speed camera revenue is sent,” Mr Ward said.

“This financial years improvements to the road network are estimated to save the equivalent of 419 deaths and serious injuries over the life of the projects.”

The Illawarra funding will also provide:

$123,000 in upgrades to the Shellharbour Road between Illawarra Street and Parkes Street, to increase pedestrian facilities and access.

$375,000 in upgrades for the intersection of Springhill Road and Keira Street, Wollongong, to undertake traffic modelling to determine if traffic signals are feasible.

$395,000 in upgrades for the intersection of Crown St, Osborne and Darling St, Wollongong, to upgrade traffic signals to provide protected pedestrian phase, increase safety of pedestrians, and install mast arms.

$155,000 in upgrades for Corrimal Street, Wollongong for the installation of lanterns to existing mast arm and installation of four additional aspect lanterns in order to increase pedestrian safety and ease of use.

$480,000 in upgrades for Wollongong, Cowper and Illawarra Streets, Port Kembla in order to increase the sight distance for drivers turning right from Illawarra road via installation of traffic signals.

$47,000 in upgrades for the intersection of Foley Street and Gipps Road, Gwynneville, to modify existing signals to remove the right turn option, and convert the existing continuous combined right/through lane to a dedicated short-right turn lane.

$69,000 in upgrades for the intersection of Bridge Street and Tate St, Coniston, in order to redesign the intersection for increased usability and safety.

“Last year 254 people lost their lives in the country. That’s two-thirds of our total road toll for 2016,” he said.

“Most of these drivers were locals and many of them died close to home. There are also literally thousands of people getting seriously injured on our roads each year.

“More money than ever will be spent upgrading high risk regional roads with nearly $54 million, or 77 per cent of 2017-18 total funding, going into 118 safety upgrade projects in regional NSW,” Mr Ward concluded.