In Parliament

As your local MP, it’s my job to ensure your voice is heard in the New South Wales Parliament.

In Parliament, I speak to laws (called legislation or regulations) that concern our region and its residents.

I hold the Government to account by asking questions of the Premier and Minister’s during Question Time about issues that may be of concern or interest.

As your Local MP, I frequently participate in a section of the House business paper called Community Recognition Statements which gives me a sixty-second opportunity to talk about a person or group who has achieved something special.

As a Member of the Legislative Assembly, I can also propose motions for debate on issues that need to be brought to the attention of the Parliament and the NSW Government.


Pictured (Left): Gareth with Mr Sem Fabrizi, Ambassador to Australia from the European Union at a bipartisan event which Gareth hosted in the Speaker’s Garden at New South Wales Parliament House in October 2015.

When Parliament isn’t sitting, I’m back in our community working with residents to resolve problems they may be having with Local, State and Commonwealth Government, seeking grant funding for community organisations or sporting groups, seeking major Government investments into infrastructure such as the Princes Highway and our hospitals or attending special community functions and events.

If ever you’d like to meet me in my electorate, or perhaps come and see Parliament, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

Following the 2015 NSW State Election, NSW Premier the Hon Mike Baird MP appointed me Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast. A Parliamentary Secretary serves underneath a Minister and assists with certain areas of Government responsibility. My job is to represent the entire region on issues that come before the NSW Government. I also seek to work with other Illawarra and South Coast MPs to ensure the Government acts on issues of concern for our community.

Contrary to popular belief, your local MP doesn’t live in Sydney or Canberra full time – they live in the community they represent.

The NSW Parliament is located in Macquarie Street and is the oldest Parliament in the country.

The NSW Parliament is also the longest-serving, uninterrupted Parliamentary democracy in the world.

Parliament sits for around 21 weeks every year. Parliament is open to the public and I’m always keen to arrange a tour if you’re interested in visiting Parliament. Click here for this year’s sitting schedule.

You can always watch Parliament on-line by visiting the website at:

Parliamentary Friendship groups comprise MPs who seek to work with a certain community or interest group that is significant to our State.

I am currently the Chair of the New South Wales Parliamentary Friends of the European Union. In this role I meet with Ambassadors and Consuls-General from the 28 European nations as well as participate in greeting delegations from EU countries visiting the NSW Parliament. I am also responsible for organizing events for members of the Parliamentary Friends of the European Union.

I am also involved with many other Parliamentary Friendship Groups including the Parliamentary Friends of Israel, the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Lifesaving, the Parliamentary Friends of Ireland and the Parliamentary Friends of ANZAC.

I am also the Secretary of the New South Wales Bipartisan Action Committee for Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection advocates.

I am also a Member of the New South Wales Parliamentary Lions Club.